A Leadership Optimization System.

Unlike prolonged coaching engagements and vague leadership development programs, our objective is to triage any clear and present barriers to the team’s immediate success. 

We create the conditions for executive teams to realize the potential of their business.

We’re not mind readers per se but we offer you invaluable insight into the minds of executives and a roadmap for aligning and optimizing their team in the moments that really count.

Ready executive teams for changes in the business and new people dynamics.

Sprints: Team Alignment & Optimization

Align and strengthen the existing team to prepare for upcoming challenges.

Offsites: Innovation & Change Management

Determine fit and anticipate threats to growth, integration, and other transitions.

Insights: Executive Assessments

Hiddn Solutions

- Monday.com

“Hiddn was our not-so-secret weapon to defuse crisis and develop new ways of working together to accelerate our North American expansion” 

- Peloton

“Working with Hiddn was the key to a smooth acquisition. Their expertise in aligning and optimizing teams empowered us to communicate our values effectively and synchronize our ways of working in harmony. It’s no coincidence our work has never been more streamlined and effective.” 

- Brightwheel

“Stephen and his team truly elevated the executive team during unprecedented growth for the company. The stakes were high and their triage approach fostered just the right level of cooperation we needed in that moment. Thanks to Hiddn, we now know transitions don’t have to be brutal.” 

- Printify

“We were afraid our executive team would lose its special sauce. Under immense pressure to perform, Hiddn made it possible for us to orient new talent and raise our game in the process. We forged a new culture that honored our past but somehow made us stronger than ever before.” 

The Executive’s Blueprint

The Hiddn Podcast

Spare Me

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